Concrete Slab Repair

Corpus Christi Foundation Repair

There are a lot of reasons why concrete slabs might need attention. A poured concrete floor might harden then suffer cracking due to natural settlement, or there could be subsidence involved, masonry movement, or foundation crack patterns. Simply fixing the concrete slab is not a big job, and many people are tempted to do it themselves or get a cheap handyman. The benefit of turning to a foundation professional like Corpus Christi Foundation Repair is that we can tell you whether this is a simple settling issue or a symptom of much more fundamental foundation problems that will need to be seen to in order to avoid major structural damage to your building.

Sinking Slabs

Sinking slabs could be down to a couple of different problems. There could be natural compression of the soil beneath which means that after being poured and hardened the weight of the new slab pushed down on the soil which compacted unevenly. That in turn leaves the slab unsupported or unevenly supported in some areas and results in it sinking or cracking or both. In itself it’s worth getting a sinking slab seen to since the uneven surface and probably cracking will cause a stumble risk. More important is the fact that without knowing why the slab sank you can’t be sure if this is down to dangerous problems like groundwater soil erosion which will continue and could hint at foundation trouble. Corpus Christi Foundation Repair will not only fix your sinking slabs but find out why this is happening and whether your home’s foundations need further attention.

Repairing Cracks

Simply filling a crack in concrete is easy. There are even some places called control lines where the concrete is meant to crack. Knowing why the crack happened however is crucial and best left to a surveyor from Corpus Christi Foundation Repair. There’s no point in just repairing the crack without knowing how it happened and addressing underlying issues.

Joint Repair

Again a crack along a joint is often not serious and may even show that a control point is doing its structural job or just that concrete has shrunk naturally and simply needs filling. Corpus Christi Foundation Repair can take care of that but we can also survey the damage and decide if more fundamental actions need to be taken to ensure the slab stays solid and that the damage isn’t going to affect the structure of the building.

Repairing DIY Repairs

More common than you think this one. Because slabs often shrink in drying and some subsidence of the substrate leads to a bit of cracking it is common to find that people have done quick fixes and sealed cracks with cement. However because they didn’t address any underlying problems, or because they didn’t treat the surface properly that cement becomes brittle and loose and can cause more of a nuisance than the crack itself. Corpus Christi Foundation Repair will put it right for you and put your mind to rest about why it happened.