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Your foundations are what keeps your home standing, safe, and on the level. At least they should be. But there are so many factors that put stress on your foundations, including rainfall, soil subsidence, the actions of tree roots, dry periods, flooding, and nearby excavation work or building. Not to mention the inevitability of time gently eating away at wooden piers and beams. So sooner or later you’re going to wonder about the strength of your foundations. Don’t worry – Corpus Christi Foundation Repair can give you peace of mind (and rock-solid foundations) faster than you think.

About us

Corpus Christi Foundation Repair are the top rated foundation specialists in the Corpus Christi TX metropolitan area. Our professional surveyors, plumbers, architects, and repair workers are qualified, skilled, experienced and yes, affordable. So affordable that we will offer you an entirely free survey of your home and a quotation that you are then welcome to take around and compare with others. We’re confident you’ll come back to us.

Our services

Corpus Christi Foundation Repair didn’t get to be the best by quick repair jobs. We really understand the factors that eat away at foundations or slowly nudge them out of shape and we know that there’s no point, for a true professional, in fixing the damage without first taking away the root cause so it doesn’t happen again. Which is why our range of services is so broad and includes drainage and plumbing as well as immediate repairs because we don’t like to see this as a job. This is more than that. This if the future of your house and home and we like to take that into account by future proofing the repairs we do.



Draining Issues

Most foundation problems start with water one way or another. That could be too much water from flooding or water leaks, or it could be too little from drought or tree root action. In any case sub soil water, or drying up causes subsidence that that puts pressure on foundations. Which is why we start every foundation job with a careful assessment of the drainage affecting the exterior walls and the foundations themselves. And then we provide the solutions to stop sub soil water proving a problem for the integrity of your house and home.

Pier & Beam Repair

An older approach to foundations but still a good one and one that has found favour again with some builders due to the flexibility that its crawl spaces allow. The catch with older pier and beam installations is that the piers and beams, being wood, will degrade over time and may need maintenance, repair, or replacement. Plus pre 1950s houses were often constructed with no foundation drains and sometimes no moisture courses built in under the beams to route water away. We can not only repair and strengthen pier and beam foundations but also upgrade them to the best modern standards.

House Leveling

If your house is no longer on the level then it’s time to give it a helping hand to straighten it out. There are a number of different techniques to do that depending on the nature and severity of the subsidence involved but whether it’s injecting resins into the subsoil, pumping up your slab foundations with a new base block, or full underpinning to sink your foundations deep into the ground Corpus Christi Foundation Repair have the answers.
“We were buying a new home and needed a survey so with all the other costs involved it came as a great surprise to find that Corpus Christi Foundation Repairs surveyed the house for free. What they found came in handy for the price negotiation too.” – Lori L.
“Our home needed a lot of work. We could feel the floors weren’t level and see from the damp that there were no foundation drains. Fortunately for us Corpus Christi Foundation Repair didn’t make a drama out of it, upgrading our drains and releveling our home to put an end to our nightmare.”- Zak S.
“Corpus Christi Foundation Repair not only surveyed our home for free but pointed out that our damp problems were actually superficial and fairly easily fixed. They set to work and within a couple of days we had new slopes and French drains. We can already see the difference on our furnishings and those sticking doors don’t stick.” – John K.

Concrete Slab Repair

Cracked and sinking concrete slabs are often the first sign of foundation problems. We can fix cracks in slabs but we also like to look at why they happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again. We can also fix the fixes where somebody has tried to fill a crack but without priming the concrete first so that the filler holds and doesn’t crumble. If really necessary we can also remove the soil under the slab that is causing the problem and replace it with a new concrete block. So don’t let a cracked slab worry you. Call Corpus Christi Foundation Repair instead.

Free Inspection

Corpus Christi Foundation Repair will come and professionally survey your home for foundation problems absolutely for free. Which means that if it turns out you were worried for nothing, well you paid nothing to put your mind at rest. Should it turns out that your foundation fears were well-funded then you’ll be glad you didn’t put it off any longer. So don’t delay, get in touch with Corpus Christi Foundation Repair today.

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​Corpus Christi Foundation Repair is the top rated foundation company in Corpus Christi, TX. No matter what your foundation concerns we have the answer and we offer an entirely free inspection, survey, and quotation. So contact us today on our phone number or fill in the email submission form and send us a note with your worries.