Corpus Christi Foundation Repair


​Corpus Christi Foundation Repair are your rock-solid foundation folk in Corpus Christi TX. We are absolutely the top rated foundation repair company near you. We don’t just repair concrete and hope for the best. We know that every real repair starts with looking for the root cause of the problem. We know the difference between the little cracks you can shrug off and the ones that spell trouble to come. We know when those signs of damp are telling a tale of more fundamental problems in store. We can help you correct the drainage of a property before we get to work sorting out the damage that bad drainage has already done to your foundations. We work with concrete slab foundations and pier and beam and we can survey either to see how serious problems really are or will become later down the line. We can do simple repairs where a one-off shrinkage has caused cracks, or we can undertake major foundation repairs including leveling, block and base work, shoring up, and repinning your foundations. We are qualified, bonded, licensed, and most of all we are trusted because we know what we’re doing and that’s what you want when you are talking about the structural integrity of your home. On top of all of which we are affordable. So affordable in fact that we will conduct a survey of your foundations, complete with a report and a quotation for any work that needs doing, entirely for free.