​House Leveling

Corpus Christi Foundation Repair

If you notice that your doors and windows just aren’t shutting like they should. Or your floors appear to be bowed and taking on a slant they never had before, it’s just possible that you need your house levelling. House levelling isn’t a job that you should take on lightly so you first need a professional assessment from a qualified foundations surveyor. Corpus Christi Foundation Repair provide a free assessment of your foundations so if it does turn out that your window and door problems is simply down to door frames and moisture then you have lost nothing. If, however, it turns out that you have major foundation issues and your building needs to be re-levelled then you will be glad to called us. So don’t delay, call Corpus Christi Foundation Repair today.

What Causes Unlevel Foundations?

Subsidence is the obvious cause of unlevel buildings but that subsidence in itself could have a number of causes. If the soil beneath the foundations wasn’t properly excavated and compacted then it will cause foundations, particularly concrete slab foundations to sink and they may sink at an angle.
Changes in water flow then increase the risk of subterranean soil movement and subsidence. That can be due to flooding, plumbing leaks, tree roots sucking up water or growing through the ground, or droughts drying the soil. Nearby excavations or building work can also exacerbate a problematic sub soil. Corpus Christi Foundation Repair are experts in foundations including surveying so as well as fixing problems we will identify causes and help you find ways of addressing them so they don’t re occur.

Why You Care

With homes, particularly old homes it’s not unheard of for owners to ascribe a slight sense of unlevel floors to ‘character’. If that character comes from hundreds of years old wooden floors quietly bending that may be fine but the problem is that most times the ‘character’ actually means subsoil subsidence and that means your home is likely to progressively acquire more and more ‘character’ until structural cracks and breaches become impossible to ignore.

House Leveling

Although it sounds like a big deal house levelling doesn’t have to be a major league drama. Depending on the nature and causes of the subsidence there are ways of levelling a house that are relatively gentle. For example in some situation it is possible to inject resins into the ground beneath the foundations that then mix, react with each other and expand to gently push a building back to the straight and level. Talk to Corpus Christi Foundation Repair about the different techniques suited for different situations and you’ll find that leveling doesn’t have to be such a big deal.

House Re-Supporting

In some cases the experts at Corpus Christi Foundation Repair may find that the solution is to put reinforced resistance piers into the ground to give your foundations extra strength. That’s not a project to undertake without professionals, not least since there’s more than one way of underpinning a house’s foundations with piers. So talk to the experts at Corpus Christi Foundation Repair as soon as possible before matters get worse. And remember, the inspection is free so if it turns out you don’t need re-leveling then you’ve lost nothing.