Plumbing Services

Corpus Christi Foundation Repair

The commonest plumbing problems we get called out for at Corpus Christi Foundation Repair are all about leaks beneath slabs. Slab foundations are the solid base for a home but because plumbing is often encased within them or run through channels beneath the slab the plumbing is hard to get at. That makes it tough to recognise a hidden leak, tough to get to it, and a job to repair any damage done in excavating. Which is why you need to talk to the professionals about your underground plumbing problems.

Why Leaks Happen

With slab foundation homes don’t have a space or crawl space beneath the slab foundation. Instead the pipes are housed in channels called underslab plumbing and may be buried in gravel or sand. Over time pipes decay and erode and even slight movements in the subsoil will distort them and perhaps spring open joints at bends and junctions. After which the plumbing starts to spill water and you have a leak.

How to Tell

There are a number of signs that you may have plumbing leaks beneath your foundation slabs. Wet spots on otherwise solid floors, signs of damp, or weeping cracks are all pretty sure signs that there’s water where you don’t want it. Bad smells are another indicator that there may be water pooling where plumbing is no longer taking it away, and cracks in walls could be one too. Then there’s the utilities bill. If your water usage hasn’t changed but your water bill has gone up then check the company hasn’t hiked its rates but look carefully at your usage. If you don’t think you’re using that water then it’s flowing away somewhere.

Fix It Fast

A lot of people only work out there’s a plumbing leak after noticing that their water bill has gone up but the way they use water hasn’t changed. Because we usually have more pressing worries than the water bill that situation can go on for some time but there’s simply no point in paying for wasted water. Worse than that though is the risk that underslab plumbing problems may get worse and cause structural damage to the house. Water in soil can cause subsidence or directly undermine walls. Which is why you need a professional from Corpus Christi Foundation Repair to assess and repair your plumbing problems.

What We Can Do

Obviously if you need to access plumbing in or under a slab then the best professionals you can get to help you are the Corpus Christi Foundation Repair team as that way you can be sure that a foundation specialist is ensuring the job protects the structural integrity of your home as well as dealing with your plumbing. Whether the job involves tracking down a leak, excavating it, fixing it and repairing it, we are the experts at ensuring a plumbing lead doesn’t undermine your entire home. We can also advise you on whether the best approach is to re-route new plumbing around the old so as to avoid it and give you the chance to lay your plumbing in a way that’s more accessible for the future and protected by a moisture channel.